Roll-Up Shutters

Blades have a wall thickness ranging from .040 to .060 inches. Extruded aluminum slats are the strongest and most impact-resistant available.


  1. Motorized systems can be automated by using anemometers, timers, remote controls, or even telephone or computer-operated systems.
  2. Offer good security for absentee owners or properties that are in evacuation zones.
  3. One of the better systems for resisting water intrusion, when using unvented slats.
  4. Can be manually operated from inside, so is suitable for all styles of operable or fixed windows and in-swing or out-swing doors.Advance Deployment Time Needed

Advance Deployment Time Needed

Since the system is permanently mounted it can be closed very quickly, allowing more time to prepare for evacuation or sheltering in place.

Water Penetration Resistance

May reduce water penetration by reducing the amount of water being blown against windows or doors. However, may not significantly reduce water penetration under high pressures, unless mounted on the edge of a porch or balcony several feet away from the opening being protected.

Porous or Non-Porous

Does not keep wind pressures from building up on windows or doors. Generally all systems are considered non-porous.

Windstorm Insurance Discounts

Qualifies for discounts if all openings are protected with a FBC or Miami-Dade approved system.


Pull down, manually crank or activate the motor using a switch or remote option.

Product Approval Number

Florida Building Code: FL # 21901

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