Galvanized Steel Storm Panels

Panels come in standard widths of 14 1/2″ with a coverage factor of 12 1/2″ per sequential panel. Panel lengths are relative to the opening they cover, and typically overlap 1 or 2 corrugations to cover window and door openings. Available in 22 & 20 gauge thicknesses.


1. Inexpensive system with good protection.
2. Easy to deploy when used with track systems.

Advance Deployment Time Needed

Initial Do-It-Yourself (DIY) installation: Approximately 30-60 minutes per opening to install tracks & anchors onto the structure.
After anchors or tracks are installed it may take as little as 10 – 15 minutes per window or door to deploy the panels.

Water Penetration Resistance

May reduce water penetration by reducing the amount of water being blown against window or door.

Porous or Non-Porous

This system reduces wind pressure from building up on windows or doors (superimposed load).
Non-porous if installed with track systems and using side and end closures.

Windstorm Insurance Discounts

Qualifies for discounts if all openings are protected with a Florida Building Code or Miami-Dade NOA approved system.


Must be taken out of storage, carried to each opening, and
deployed well before tropical storm-force winds arrive.

Product Approval Number

Miami Dade County : Cal20  15-0615.07

Miami Dade County : Cal22  15-0615.06


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