Bahamas Awning Shutters

The Bahamas awning shutter adds a decorative look to hurricane protection. This style is very popular in the islands, where the shutter is used to shade and keep rain out of screened openings.


  1. Due the decorative look these shutters are widely accepted where historical or architectural review commetees strictly control aesthetics.
  2. Permanently mounted and usually only takes a screwdriver to attach the additional locking hardware.
    Adds a decorative accent to existing structures.
  3. One other benefit of this system is shading the window which can significantly reduce energy costs.

Advance Deployment Time Needed

After initial installation, it takes 10 to 15 minutes per shutter depending upon the type of system selected.

Water Penetration Resistance

Does not significantly reduce water penetration. Open louver systems will allow water inside, which creates opportunity for window and door leaks.

Porous or Non-Porous

Does not keep wind pressure from building up on windows or doors. Generally all systems are considered non-porous.

Windstorm Insurance Discounts

Qualifies for discounts if all openings are protected with a FBC or Miami-Dade approved system.


Shutters use a telescoping arm with a locking thumb screw to hold them open.

Product Approval Number

Florida Building Code: FL # 15061