About US

Established in 2009, ALUMINA DISTRIBUTION CENTER (ADC) began its operations in Miami, Florida. Throughout its ten years of operations, ADC has earned recognition and appreciation in the industry for offering aluminum solutions, exceeding the expectations of our customers through our products and services. We have an extensive portfolio of certified systems for construction, which includes products for the industry such as standard and structural angles, tubes and channels. As well as the traditional forms of handrails and fences. We have specialized profiling for Hurricane systems (Accordions, Roll-up and Bahamas). For this type of products, ADC is certified by the County of Miami – Dade County – Florida.

We have a team of Engineers, Designers and experts with extensive experience in the subject to assist you with your needs and requirements.

It was 1956 when Alcan Sales, a Canadian Company, acquired Perfalco, an Aluminum company that was located in Cali and owned by Mr. Tony Katalenic.

Our production plant is located in a strategic area of ​​the South West of Colombia, in Yumbo, Valle with easy access to the Pacific Ocean (Buenaventura) and the Caribbean Ocean (Cartagena) from where we can strategically serve each of our customers in Latin America, the Caribbean and the United States.



At Alumina Distribution Center, we promote the use of aluminum, universally acknowledged as the best ally for use in structural manufacturing and construction. We can respond with innovative and quality service solutions on a national and international level satisfying consumer demands.

We promote environmental protection and natural resource sustainability. The continual training of our employees in these areas equates to an added value to our customers, shareholders and society.




We promote a corporate culture, which encourages our creativity and generates value in our processes, products and services.


We act within an ethical and moral framework, always responsible and respectful of the Law, applicable Codes and material certification standards.


We motivate our workforce to achieve outstanding results and achieve customer satisfaction.


Safety, quality, efficiency and being responsible with the environment are the basis of our business model.

Price Consciousness

Our resources are used in the appropriate measure to ensure a competitive advantage and maintain the proper performance of the organization.